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Cash Advance

Cash Advance

For example we traveled from Baner to Amanora Town Center in Pune - a distance of 22 km. The charge on EVA while starting was 98km. We drove with the AC on all the time and FM radio playing. When i got back the cash advance loans left was 50km. So it used up 48km worth of energy for a distance of 44km.

It consumed 4km worth of range cash advance loans the AC and the electronics. EVA is such a pleasure to drive with the automatic transmission especially in stop and go traffic. Very good braking system. We got down from 60 to a virtual standstill in bout 4 seconds. We reached a top speed of 84 kms in the Mumbai-Pune Old Highway. That's bcos there are no moving parts apart from the motor. I hardly use the Boost mode. I stick to Forward most all the time, I only use the Boost mode if i need to go beyond 65kmph.

The Forward mode is more economical. All u need is a 15A socket to charge her. A techie's dream - 7 inch touch screen - GPS Navigation, iPod, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth, DVD, Reverse Camera, Mobile phone integration - even luxury sedans don't have these features. Almost 0 maintenance vehicle. All we need to change is brake oil and tire checkups once cash advance loans year.

Also the Mahindra Authorized Service guy told me to better to check for air pressure of 35 ps. Its better add some air once a month in the tires. The lack of power steering is not noticed when changing lanes or slowing down during a turn etc. But its noticed when at lower rev's.

This again is a first. Your car grows with age :) Here are some frequently asked questions and hopefully i can answer them. Will we get the entire 100km as range in the e2o. If you don't use the climate control and drive using the 'F' (Forward) mode and not using 'Boost' mode often. Also step on the accelerator gently instead of pushing it hard.

This will ensure gradual release of electrons that move between the Cathode and Anode, rather than forcing them to move fast through the electrolyte, which results in loss :) Is 100km range enough. In bigger cities - you might have to charge the car to get back. But trust me - 100km is a fairly large distance.

And this will work for lots of users. Have u really gotten in a situation where u run out of range and u r stuck. This would never happen, as i know the exact distance of my journey and i plan ahead for it. If am doing a 60km ride, i ensure that i fully charge the batteries.

Well, even if you are stuck, there is this cool REVIVE feature where Mahindra will remotely activate some power for you to go on. Its clever move by Mahindra to preserve the life of a battery pack as Lihium-Ion batteries don't like to be deep discharged.

That's all i could think off. Feel free to ask more questions and i shall answer them, if i can. So there you have it folks, EVA is quirky, quiet, does not pollute and is electrifying :) EVA - Center of attraction My friend - Dude who was a complete EV cynic has now made a 180 degree turn after enjoying the EV experience. It was eye opening experience for him. And is considering buying an e2o.

You hear stories like this all the time in the EV world. What it takes for people to get interested in these vehicles, is a test drive. Once they get on the car - step on it then they see that there is good acceleration due to the instant torque but they don't feel the vibration and they don't hear the noise.

Then they realize that - "Oh My God. This is a good car. With all the troubles we have in the world - How the banks and large corporations (OIL) are hoarding money. All of us give them the money. Electric car owners stop giving them the money.

The electric car owners pays a little bit to the utilities and they spend the money on things they want to buy and thus vitalizing our local economy. When production ramps up in the future, when we have multiple companies launching electric cars - am sure the electric car will be on everyone's thoughts.

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