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Steps Involved In Planning A Long-Distance Move

Steps Involved In Planning A Long-Distance Move

If a person has found their dream home but it is far from their current location, they should consider hiring a Local Mover with experience in providing long-distance relocation services. This is a major project that can be one of the most beautiful experiences in life – if properly planned! Below is a list of things you should think about before embarking on this wonderful adventure.

A couple months out

The homeowner must know the exact date of their move and should have already prepared to move out of their current home (terminating a lease, selling their current home, etc.). Assess the needs of the move in terms of belongings, the number of people to move, pets, etc. They will then be able to set a budget to allocate the move according to the number of boxes, storage bags, and other accessories needed.

Do not forget about renting a moving truck and/or hiring labor. Clean up belongings by sorting out what should be kept and what should be donated or thrown out. There is no need to move items that will be thrown away eventually.

One month out

At least one month before moving day, people should have chosen Local moving services or know who will help them move if they decide to tackle everything on their own. If they have access to their future home, he or she should prepare the home for moving day. At this stage, you can start packing your goods, especially those that are fragile, and label the boxes to help you remember their contents.

Homeowners should call each company to change their address (with newspapers, magazines, telephone services, post office, pharmacist, doctor, electric company, etc.). If necessary, as this is a major step in preparing for a long-distance move, do not hesitate to take a whole day off to plan and a full day for the move.

A few weeks before the big day

Start repairs and general housekeeping. Also, have a first aid kit in case of accidents. Make sure the Tallahassee Movers will have a place to park at both locations. The day before the move, it is important to walk through the house to ensure nothing has been forgotten.

The big day has arrived

Get up early, make sure everything is in order, and tackle the day gloriously! It is good to know that it takes more than a few hours of planning to make a move successful. After the move, make sure your belongings are in good condition.

If some furniture is broken, the Lakeland Movers should insurance that will pay for any damages.

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