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How To Save Money On Renovations

How To Save Money On Renovations

People dream about making renovations to their home, but do not have the money they think they need to have anything done. A project for a complete Kitchen Remodeling can be expensive. A remodeling your bathroom project may be slightly less expensive which is why most homeowners start there. What the general public does not realize is that Kitchen Renovation can be done without spending a small fortune.

Start Saving Now

As soon as the idea presents itself, start setting aside money for the project. It does not have to be a huge amount, just leave it alone once the money is placed in the bank. The amount will build up little by little. Even if the savings will not cover the entire cost, it will help make that dream a reality quicker.

Motivation for saving money can be sustained by beginning the planning process. Make a list of changes desired and post it on the refrigerator. Add to it and prioritize it as time goes by. Decide if a granite top is more important than a breakfast nook in case items have to be cut. Play with color schemes and write them on the bottom of the list.

Research Contractors

Not all contractors are the same. Pricing, experience, and services available differs from one company to the next. Some contractors will complete the demolition work and follow instructions for the Kitchen Redo provided by the homeowners. Others offer free design services based on desired outcomes.


The project will be over budget fast if a designer and a contractor have to be hired separately. Find a contractor that provides complete services from designing to installation. That will keep costs down and save money.

Some will offer package deals at one low price for the entire project. A company in the Washington DC area, for example, offers three different packages to suit just about any budget. Homeowners can select between an affordable, a deluxe, and a luxury package for their kitchen or bathroom project. That will save both time and money.

The Process

This process begins with a free in-home consultation. Discuss needs and wants with a designer is as much detail as possible. A three-dimensional rendering will be presented, along with a free estimate. Products and materials can be picked out at the showroom, and the installers create the kitchen of your dreams.

It does not hurt to explore the options and investigate costs. If the project still has to wait for a while, at least homeowners will have a better idea of what actual costs will be when the right time comes.

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