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Protect A Constructing From Termites During Construction

Protect A Constructing From Termites During Construction

So many details, planning sessions, and decisions go into the process of new construction that it is virtually impossible to think of everything. That is why construction companies have project managers to help owners through each stage of the process. Even so, some details may be neglected. One component of new construction that will save owners time, money, and more money is preventative measures to protect the structure from termite infestation.

Extensive Damage

Billions of dollars in structural damage is done every year by termites and property owners spend an estimated two-billion dollars on treatments, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The problem is termites remain in the wood they are tunneling so massive damage can be completed before owners know the structure is infested. There are several measures during construction that can prevent termites, or at the very least, dramatically reduce the risks of infestation.


Building materials can be infused with pesticides that kill termites. This is a powerful and successful step toward termite control. Talk to the project manager during the initial planning stage about the cost of these materials. Spending slightly more money now saves a small fortune later.

Physical barriers to prevent accessibility are also easy to put into place during construction. Steel mesh or sand at the base of the foundation and over the ends of wood beams eliminate attractiveness to termites. Ventilation space between soil and wood is wise, as is expert grading and drainage to keep the soil around the foundation dry. Planning ahead means Pest Control begins as soon as ground is broken on the location.


When it is time to landscape the yard after construction, be sure not to plant trees or shrubs too close to the house. Branches that grow against exposed wood surfaces may result in termites. Do not block external vents with plants or decorative rocks. Those vents keep wood from becoming too moist and attracting termites. Ask about rodent control that provide non-chemical pest control while the landscaper is on-site.

Most new homes these days include a pellet or wood stove to help reduce energy costs. Build a storage box for firewood that is not right against the house as that can increase the risk of infestation. Keep an eye out for any cracks in the foundation as time goes by. Those should be filled immediately. A few preventative measures during construction and landscaping, along with ongoing maintenance of the building, can prevent termite infestation and the damage that ensues.

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