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Safeguards To Consider For New Sprinkler Systems

Safeguards To Consider For New Sprinkler Systems

The cost of sprinkler installation denver is a major investment for property owners. Those having homes or commercial buildings constructed new will save money, time, and aggravation by having the sprinkler system put in during that whole process. New property owners will want to invest in sprinkler systems as soon as possible to avoid the experience of digging up the space once they are settled into their acquired existing property.


Unpredictable weather over the past few years has left sprinkler systems unprotected for the winter. Frozen ground and heavy snow much earlier in the season than ever experienced means the winterization process was not completed in many cases. A system that has had no blowout, the term most commonly used for this process, is susceptible to major damage in the spring. Adding insulation for the pipes, and covers for the sprinkler heads are ways to be proactive should sprinkler service near me not happen one-year.

Digging deeper into the ground before placing pipes will also help. Selecting a stronger system than is necessary is also wise. Discuss these possibilities with the company hired to install the system. Ask for recommendations as well. Professionals are experts in hydraulic systems, sprinkler system designs and layouts, proper watering for all grasses, trees, and plants, and the composition of local soil types.

What to Expect When the System is Re-activated?

A system with zero blowout services during the past winter requires extra time and attention before turning it back on for the new growing season. The professional will carefully do a full assessment of the system. If any problems are visible, Sprinkler repair Denver gets done before the process continues. The water, once re-connected to the sprinklers, will be introduced to the pipes slower than normal. It is necessary to take this step slowly under any circumstances to prevent leaking, bursting, or pressure strong enough to pop the heads off each station.

Be Diligent

Problems can become evident throughout the spring and summer. A slow leak, a loose connection, or a faulty sprinkler head may present itself sometime after the initial assessment. In many cases, property owners do their own regular maintenance, such as keeping heads clean. For the season after no winterization, it is wise to have all the maintenance done professionally so issues will be noticed sooner.

Professionals know what to look for and how to gauge if the system is operating efficiently. Keep close watch on water and utility bills as spikes will indicate problems with the system. It is not ideal to have a winter pass without proper maintenance, but in cases when that was not possible procedures can prevent major damage.

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